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holiday/winter (10 icons) & apologies

So, in my eagerness to give you all icons once again, I overlooked the fact that my life is currently very hectic/busy. I'm leaving on a jet plane tomorrow, won't be back again for two weeks, after that I am hopefully moving to the west coast. But I'll find some time to make icons too...

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who wants icons?

School's over. Forever. Sorry for the drought -- who wants icons? (A simple yes/no answer is not gonna do the trick though.)

quotes, etc (10 icons)

So, um, long time no icons, eh? I'm trying to graduate this semester, so...yeah. This batch has been sitting around my computer for a long time, but it's the only one finished enough or good enough to post. A bunch of them were contest entries.

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"Sex and the City" quote (4 icons)

"We didn't work out...you need to not exist." -- Miranda, "Ex and the City", Sex and the City

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Natalie Walker (14 icons)

In honor of her album, "Urban Angel", coming out today. Check her out here or here.

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Run Lola Run (31 icons)

Here they are. Sorry for the wait.

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Romanian monasteries (13 icons)

Gimp batch #2 was spawned when my mom sent me the link referenced below. These are likely the only religion-related things I will ever icon.

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birds (33 icons)

Sorry these took so long to get posted.

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